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GP declaration required for
firearms certificates in Wales 

We wanted to let you know that once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted in Wales and firearms licensing departments are restored to full business functionality, all Welsh police forces will make it mandatory for anyone applying for the grant/renewal of a firearm/shotgun/explosives certificate to produce a medical declaration from their GP confirming that they do not suffer from any relevant medical conditions. The introduction of this requirement will be phased in on a force-by-force basis.

All four forces in Wales have worked together to introduce this policy change. We are disappointed that proper consultation has not taken place prior to its introduction and are strongly opposed to their actions as, collectively, they breach current Home Office guidance.  We will be meeting with all four police forces to challenge this change of policy. 

We are working hard to find a political solution to this situation. We want an efficient, cost-effective, robust system of firearms licensing that protects public safety and provides excellent service to the shooting community. We also believe that all parties involved in the licensing process should have statutory duties  including GPs. The current legislation does not mandate GP involvement in the licensing process.

This issue is a matter of high priority for us to resolve and that is why we wanted to write to all BASC members in Wales to ensure that you were directly informed.

If you share our concerns about your police force’s actions, we would be grateful if you would write to your MP and to your Member of the Senedd.

If you experience problems with your application because of this policy change, please let us know. Such evidence will help us fight this policy change.

If you struggle to secure a medical declaration from your GP, or if your doctor charges an exorbitant fee, you can use BASC's dedicated service linking shooters to GPs to ensure a speedy resolution. This service links members with GPs willing to help secure medical verification for a reasonable fee.

Members who are struggling to secure GP assistance should contact BASC’s firearms team on 01244 573 010, by email or by writing to the team directly at BASC, Marford Mill, Rossett, Wrexham LL12 0HL.


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